Prime Location

  • Great Rift System: Metal rich fluids help ore deposit formation relating to rifting. Uganda is bound by the western and eastern arms of the East African Rift System
  • Strategically Located: Uganda has similar age equivalent structures and geology as its mineral rich neighbors: DRC, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan

Region Hosts World’s Most Prolific Source of Cobalt

  • Uganda has the geologic footprint for IOCG deposits & VMS style Co/Cu mineralization
  • Proven cobalt producer in Kilembe mine

The Country

  • Legal system based on English common law
  • Sound, transparent mining laws and policies developed with World BankNo requirement for ‘local’ ownership
  • No requirement for local ownership
  • Free from the DRC issues

Why Invest In M2

  • A unique land package comprising over 1,500 km2 -­ highly prospective for Co, Cu and Ni
  • Located next door and on trend with the DRC, where over 60% of world cobalt supply originates
  • Uganda is stable, mining and investor‐friendly.
  • Government actively supports mining development
  • Initial sampling (0.13% Co) indicates favorable early results for Co, Ni and Cu
  • Management has ‘on the ground’ operating capability, relationships, international mining and finance experience